Servicing and Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

The installation of an AirFor Engineering extraction system is not the end of the story.  To ensure that systems continue to operate reliably and at maximum efficiency most customers take out a Service Plan.  Contracts are tailored to suit the exact needs of your system, they are designed to minimise the likelihood of an unplanned system stoppage.  For customer who carry out their own maintenance we are able to offer a back up service.  At our head office in York we maintain a stock of the most critical items in our stores, our engineers are on hand to provide advice and assistance when the need arises.


Our extensive knowledge of fan system enables us to offer maintenance services for system that may have been supplied by a company that no longer trades or simple don’t provide maintenance for their equipment.  We’ve helped customers change the layout of their systems to make them more maintenance friendly.

 You can see that this installation not only had a fan poorly located making maintenance access to the motor and drive almost impossible, a third fan was locate at high level with access to the fan inlet being dangerously close to a fragile roof.

With advice and installation services provided by AirFor Engineers the customer made the commitment to  change the installation which provided the added benefit of being able to use his back up fan for both extraction systems.


The new arrangement placed all the fans at ground level for safe access to the drive motors and belts.  The need to use a crane to get parts to the roof level fan has been removed.  The access to the fan from the fragile roof has been prevented.  AirFor advice resulted in a far safer and cleaner working area.

If you’re looking at your system and thinking you have a similar situation that you need advice on, don’t delay Contact us now