AirFor Engineering

AirFor Engineers have been providing high quality solutions to industrial process waste handling for almost 20 years.  Our expertise has been utilised within a wide range of industries ranging from Food processors to Foundries and Can Makers to Cardboard Manufacturers.

If you have a manufacturing process creating waste that needs removing from your manufacturing facility, contact us now to get professional, practical advice on how to remove, collect, and recycle your production

AirFor Engineering waste handling systems can ensure that your production area is cleaner and safer, improving the quality of both your manufactured products and the working environment.  By utilising our specialist knowledge of separation technology we can help you recover and recycle productions waste turning expensive disposal costs into revenue streams.  See our latest news to see who’s most recently benefited from our services.

The benefits

The benefits of our conveying systems encompass all aspects of the production environment:

  • Improved production: –  With less time spent moving waste, staff can concentrate on production quality and continuity.  Reduced likely hood of back injuries as well as minor abrasions caused handling waste. Reduced need for Fork lift or pallet trucks in the production environment will reduce operating costs and improve the safety of the working environment.
  • Cleaner production Hall: – Removing waste at source prevents the build-up of dust and debris in the workplace creates a healthier working environment more hygienic for food packaging manufacture.  With an AirFor waste handling system there will be no need for waste collection bins, the production floor will be less cluttered freeing up the production floor for more efficient use.
  • One of our clients has recently returned to using his machine based waste collection system while moving his production to a new factory.  Since installing an AirFor Engineering trim extraction system he’d forgotten how difficult manual waste handling was, commenting;

“I have no idea how we managed without the AirFor trim System in our factory – dust and paper is everywhere, we’re wasting time cleaning that we don’t need with the system running.  I’ll be happy to have the system back running when the move is complete


Working with us

We’re a primarily company of engineers that design solutions to waste handling.  The waste can be paper, board, corrugated, plastic film, foil, steel can scrap, the list is endless.  It may be you have a dust issue or fumes, you may need to improve ventilation, AirFor design solutions suitable for all these situations.  We prefer to work closely with our clients providing tailor made systems that suit exactly their needs.

The starting point for many of our systems is “do you think you could” if we’re not 100% convinced a test rig will be built for trials and testing.  The results videoed so that you can see we have a working solution.  AirFor systems follow a rigorous design process that ensures the solution we deliver meets the original criteria exactly.

AirFor provide a full design and installation service that includes design proposal and tender, final design working drawings, Installation and construction control meeting all current European Health and Safety standards, final commissioning and testing.  Projects are often programmed to meet a product launch date, when late delivery is not an option, we never fail.


All mechanical system need maintaining not only to keep running but to ensure that maximum efficiency is maintained.  As the cost of energy increases the importance of designing and maintaining the most efficient system becomes ever more important.  Taking out an AirFor Service plan will help you maintain your efficiency targets.