Sustainable Packaging

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We’re very pleased toDSC_9379 be invited to support Ardagh Metal Packaging’s special addition of Green Company highlighting the benefits of metal packaging.  As a major supplier to Ardagh of scrap handling systems we support their manufacturing with equally efficient conveying systems.


Green Company Article

Producing and processing metals creates scrap, dust and fumes. Extracting and filtering this production waste is indispensable for health reasons and recycling. The ducted extraction systems from Airfor Engineering in York, England, are designed to reliably remove waste from production lines, collect even the smallest particles to enable recycling of the usable materials.

 Various applications

Airfor Engineering design and develop systems for evacuating production waste from many applications, including production waste from processing sheet metal for cans, like the ones used by Ardagh, or paper from printing books or food packaging. Airfor Engineering supply systems that include the mechanical components as well as the electrical control. Our extraction systems collect materials for recycling, including sorting and packing ready for reuse.

 Limited power consumption

Ardagh and Airfor have been partners for several decades. “Ardagh has a long tradition of collecting production waste. Our partnership began in 1997, working closely with Ardagh UK we made improvements to their scrap handling in the two-piece can department. We also installed our systems at the production plant in Deventer as well as plants in France and Czech Rep. The reason for our long-standing partnership is the fact that we share the same interest in environmental sustainability,” confirms Mik Ostapjuk. Our extraction & ventilation systems are designed to minimise power consumption. “Today, Customers want the most efficient systems to meet their environmental commitments. This is one of our strengths.”

 Health benefits

But there is more: Airfor systems reduce waste in the production area. “By using our systems you create a healthier and safer working environment. We can eliminate manual handling and FLT use for waste movements, exposure to air borne dust and fume particles. This can also reduce the possibility of machine damage and makes sure the production floor stays clean.”

 Dedicated company

Airfor Engineering is a small, but highly dedicated company. “We choose to grow in quality rather than quantity. We closely monitor the quality of our systems and clients often compliment us: “You had very good preparation of our project before delivery.  When the system was installed everything went according to plan, which made the work run smoothly” said Jan Schieven of Ardagh.  We manage the project from start to finish and we always double-check everything is working properly. It’s the quality of our work and our reputation that matters to us. We make every effort to deliver reliable, high-quality systems and to provide the very best support. Everything has to work smoothly, without any interruptions. Proper planning, design, installation, operation, and maintenance are essential for efficient, cost-effective, and reliable extraction systems.”